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Our goal with this category is for automotive professionals to share their strategies and best practices for marketing/advertising and ways their company is improving their customer experience.

Please remember not to share any proprietary information as this forum is public.

Community members might discuss a wide range of strategies in this category, especially as they relate to attracting customers, enhancing the buying experience, and building long-term loyalty. Here are three examples of topics they might delve into:

  1. Digital Advertising and Targeting Techniques:

    • Discussion Topic: “Has anyone tried geo-fencing ads for targeting potential customers near competitors’ dealerships?”
    • Content: A marketer might share their experience with using geo-fencing technology to push ads to potential customers’ smartphones when they are near or within a competitor’s dealership. They could discuss the ROI, best practices, and tools or platforms that have been effective.
  2. Utilizing QR Codes for Streamlined Customer Experience:

    • Discussion Topic: “Incorporating QR Codes into Dealership Marketing: What Works and What Doesn’t?”
    • Content: QR codes have become a versatile tool in bridging the gap between offline and online experiences. Dealership marketers might discuss how they’ve used QR codes in their showrooms or on vehicles to provide instant access to detailed vehicle specs, promotional videos, or financing calculators. They could also share insights on tracking the effectiveness of these codes, optimizing placement for maximum scans, or integrating QR code scans with CRM systems to capture potential leads. The conversation could delve into the best practices, challenges faced, and innovative applications of QR codes in the dealership environment.
  3. Loyalty Programs and Post-Purchase Engagement:

    • Discussion Topic: “Effective Strategies for Post-Purchase Customer Engagement and Retention.”
    • Content: Retaining customers is just as crucial as attracting new ones. Marketers might discuss strategies they’ve implemented to keep customers engaged after a purchase. This could include loyalty programs, maintenance reminders, exclusive events for car owners, or referral incentives. The discussion could revolve around what has been most effective in ensuring repeat business and building a community around the brand.

These topics represent just a fraction of the possible strategies that could be discusssed, but they highlight the blend of traditional marketing, emerging technology, and customer experience enhancement that’s crucial in the automotive industry.

Ask a question about a strategy you have always wanted to try or explore existing posts to get new ideas!


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