Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Orbee Community. We are very excited to spin up a community site where all of our team members, dealership clients, and industry partners can come together to meet each other, have great discussions, share strategies and ideas, and so much more!

To get started, please share the following three things:

  • Your name and where you are based.
  • Your job title and company name.
  • A fascinating fact that most people don’t know about you.

Welcome everyone, let’s make some connections and move the industry forward together :partying_face:

Hey! I am Chris Vazquez and I live in Idaho (how many people do you know from Idaho?)

I am the Director of Marketing at Orbee.

Crazy fact about me is that I have lived in multiple countries and went to over 10 schools growing up as a military brat!


Hello, I am Jamie Suid and I live in Florida.

I am the Director of Product Strategy at Orbee.

One interesting fact is that I recently transitioned to Orbee from a 12 year stint as Chief Strategy Officer at a 5-store Used Car Group called Florida Fine Cars, where I oversaw all marketing and business strategy initiatives. It is here that I first became an Orbee client in 2016. I have known the Orbee team for quite some time! At Florida Fine Cars, we also operated a sister company called Automatrix, which is a Used Dealer-focused end-to-end DMS system. There I spearheaded projects on CRM and Business Intelligence. My combined real-world dealership and technology project management experience makes me a perfect fit for the Orbee team, and a bridge to our dealers’ perspective.

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