Linking & Utilizing Search Console

We recently published a new blog about why it’s essential to know where your website stands organically, especially for folks looking to consolidate their Google Search Console and GA4 website reporting, especially when it comes to SEO. Here’s a simple breakdown:

1. Get the Big Picture: Knowing where your site stands organically means seeing the bigger picture of how people find and use your website. It’s like having a bird’s eye view of your online home.

2. Understand What People Like: It’s not about numbers and codes; it’s about understanding what your visitors like. When you know how people are finding you on Google, you can tailor your content to give them more of what they love.

3. Fix the Rough Spots: Imagine finding out there are potholes on the road to your website. By knowing your organic standing, you can spot the weak areas and fix them, making sure your visitors have a smooth ride.

4. Make Smart Changes: It’s like having a cheat sheet for making your website better. You see what’s working and what’s not, and then you can make smart changes to boost your site’s performance.

5. Show Off Your Wins: When you know where you’re doing great, you can celebrate! Whether it’s a blog post that’s rocking or a product page that’s a hit, knowing your organic standing lets you showcase your wins.

We also walk you through the process of linking Google Search Console with GA4 (that’s Google Analytics 4, by the way) in a video, in easy steps. It’s like a friendly guide helping you unlock the secrets without getting lost in tech jargon.

Check out the post here: How to Link and Utilize Google Search Console Insights Within GA4