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As we work together to shape the future of Orbee’s Middleware, communication is key. To ensure you’re always in the know about the latest updates, we’ve developed a process for sharing news and announcements with our community. Here’s how it works:

1. Forum Announcements: Major news, feature releases, and important updates will be posted directly in the ‘Announcements’ category on this forum. These posts will contain comprehensive information about the announcement, and we encourage you to ask questions and share your thoughts in the comments.

2. Email Newsletters: Subscribers to our newsletter will receive regular updates straight to their inboxes. These newsletters will summarize the key developments at Orbee, including product updates, feature highlights, and upcoming events. If you’re not yet subscribed, you can do so by clicking here.

3. Social Media Updates: We’ll also share updates and exciting news on our social media platforms. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Youtube or Instagram to keep up with the latest happenings.

4. Blog Posts: For in-depth insights, case studies, and thought leadership articles, keep an eye on our blog. We’ll be exploring topics around data integration, marketing strategies, and advancements in dealership marketing software.

5. Webinars and Virtual Events: We will host regular webinars and virtual events to share new features, explore use cases, and discuss industry trends. Stay tuned to our ‘Events’ category on the forum and our newsletter for details on how to sign up.

To make sure you never miss an update, we recommend checking the forum regularly, subscribing to our newsletter, and following us on social media.

We’re committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our user community, and your thoughts, feedback, and questions are always welcome. Stay tuned for more updates, and we look forward to continuing the conversation about Orbee’s Middleware.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


The Orbee Team