READ ME: How to use the Platform Ideas category

Welcome to the Platform Ideas Category of the Orbee Community! If you’ve got fresh and innovative ideas for the platform, this is the place to share them.

Orbee look at feedback across many different mediums throughout the product cycle and it has truly helped make Orbee a better platform. With that said, we want to make sure we set some expectations for how feedback and ideas will be handled here.

First, we cannot make any guarantees or promises that you’ll see your idea/feedback implemented into the product.

Secondly, topic threads that are 6 months or older may be closed or archived to help keep the community organized and healthy. We’ll make sure that our product teams have seen the feedback though before closing the thread.

In the future, we’ll be integrating a voting feature into the forum. For now, please respond to ideas that resonate with you. This will help us gauge the level of interest in specific suggestions. Thanks for your participation!

Best Practices for Posting Ideas

Compose Your Idea

  • Title: Craft a descriptive title. Example: “Integration Suggestion: Real-time Vehicle Tracking”.
  • Description: Describe your idea in detail.
    • Context: Why do you think this idea is important or needed?
    • Description: Explain the idea clearly. If it’s a feature, how would it work? If it’s an enhancement, how would it improve upon the current state?
    • Benefits: What are the potential benefits or impacts of implementing your idea?

Add Tags

  • Use relevant tags to help others find your idea based on their interests. Examples could include “email”, “analytics”, “integration”, etc.

Attach Visuals (Optional)

  • If you’ve sketched out your idea or have any visuals that can support it, upload them. Visuals can be screenshots, mock-ups, diagrams, etc.
  • We also work with Figjam/Figma files. Feel free to share your ideas in them as well!


The ‘Platform Ideas’ category is a vital component of the Orbee Community. By sharing, you’re not only contributing to the platform’s evolution but also potentially shaping its future. Always remember, every great feature or enhancement starts with a single idea. Happy sharing!